Sunday, September 24, 2006

St. Louis Rams' Marc Bulger Sleep Walking

Being a St. Louis Ram fan can give a guy heart failure. When a team beats you, they beat you. I can handle that. The Rams seem to GIVE games away! Sheesh!

The official site of the St. Louis Rams - Article: "St. Louis got the ball back on the kickoff at its 20 needing a pair of first downs to end the game. Holt came up with a big catch on third-and-2 to get one first down. But Bulger dropped the ball as he attempted to hand the ball or fake to fullback Madison Hedgecock and Arizona recovered at the Rams’ 30.

Just when it appeared Arizona was going to get a miracle victory, Kurt Warner and the Cardinals returned the favor by fumbling it back."

Sometimes I think Marc Bulger is sleepwalking!
In December this will look every bit as good as a blowout victory. I'll take it.


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